Monday, August 20, 2012

State's Attorneys are turning heads in IL

A couple of Illinois State's Attorneys are shaking things up this week!

Edwards County SA Valentine has gone on record as saying that he won't prosecute certain firearms related charges based on the un-Constitutionality of some IL laws. This follows McLean County SA Dozier who addressed his fellow SAs earlier this year with his take on IL laws and firearms.

I'm certain this is going to be a kick to the hornet's nest if nothing else, as it's sure to bring up some serious legal questions. However, I applaud these two for taking the stance that they have and hope that it proves to the ILGA that the time for RTC has come.

What really struck me though, was the response from IL AG Madigan's office: "We are not the boss of state's attorneys. They're independently elected. And they have discretion over the charges they prosecute."

Here's a video and story from Fox News Chicago:

SA Valentine: My hat is off to you Sir!