Thursday, April 18, 2013

What a day!

For those not following along, the ILGA defeated a bill that would have removed pension investment monies from any funds that had gun manufacturers in the portfolio. Why on earth they'd want to stop investing in one of the few industries that actually makes money is beyond me. Anyway, that's off the table - for now. I'm sure it'll show up again in the future though.

Gun owners also had another victory in IL today: the House overwhelmingly passed a bill that will strip aldermen and mayoral types of their ability to carry defensive firearms. If it passes the Senate and the Gov. signs off on it, they'll be just as defenseless as the rest of us. It definitely sends a message!

Sadly, the much anticipated HB 997 didn't receive 71 votes. I watched the floor debate and really thought things were looking good but clearly I was wrong. Apparently, some Reps actually want Constitutional carry as they won't accept a bill that was compromised to try and ease their concerns. I'll hold my opinion on that for now.

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