Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Gun owners: Under assault...again or still yet?

The Rights of law abiding gun owners are under assault, whether the assault ever stopped or not is really irrelevant I suppose. There does seem to be an upswing from the left on gun control lately though and frankly, it's tiring.

Former Justice John Paul Stevens had a lot to say earlier this week, continuing to spread his dislike of firearms and insisting that the Presidential candidates should be more focused on the issue. Well, he's "former" so he can talk all he likes...thankfully he can't continue to dissent on things like Heller and McDonald like he did when on the bench. If you aren't familiar with what I'm going on about check here:

Of course, during the debate last night, President Obama finally said out loud, what many of us had been saying for a long time: He is in favor of another AWB. Never mind that every study conducted has shown that the original AWB did nothing (see also: zero, zip, zilch) to curb crime. I'd like to think that simply stating that will close the door on a second term for him, but sadly he still has supporters with plenty of money so it ain't over yet.

IL continues to be the worst state in (at least) the Midwest for gun owners and the pols up in Cook county and Chicago are constantly trying to invent new ways of punishing us for exercising our Rights.

There are a few bright points though. In previous posts I've mentioned that a couple of State's Attorneys had announced that they won't prosecute otherwise law abiding citizens for carrying firearms. They have been joined by some others and I encourage the remaining SAs to jump on that wagon to send the State Legislature a message.

Even though it's tiring, we still have to stand up for our Rights and educate those that have been indoctrinated with radical anti-gun messages all of their lives. Valinda Rowe of and many others are taking it to the people as often as they can, maybe you can help some way? If you think you can (or have no idea how to do so) please contact Valinda and ask how to help.

If you can, donate to your favorite Pro-2A group. If you don't have a favorite, allow me to suggest the ISRA, NRA or SAF (links to the right).

Most importantly, we MUST get out there and vote, no excuses. If you need a ride, give me a shout and I'll do what I can to help.