Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Open Letter to IL House of Representatives

Hi folks, I may get called out for being lazy today, but I wanted to share this letter with you (with the author's permission, of course). 
It was written by BudMan5 from the IllinoisCarry.com forums  and is one of the most well thought out letters I have read so far.
After reading, feel free to swing by the forums, join up and help with the cause! 

Dear Illinois Representatives.

I am a retired Illinois Police Chief and a retired US Army First Sergeant as well as being a lifelong Illinois resident.

I am writing to all of you, en masse, because in my mind, all of you are representing me regardless of from which District you were elected.

From my personal experience, I want to stress to you that laws forbidding the right to carry a concealed weapon only affect law abiding citizens. The only thing those laws accomplish is to ensure that criminals have available victims.

It is easy to confirm that laws banning concealed carry by merely examining the Cities where laws have banned possession. Our own Chicago leads the list in violent crimes even though a total ban on possession of firearms in Chicago was in effect for more than forty years.

The anti-gun folks are always referring to the “NRA and the gun lobby”, but they never come out and admit that the ‘gun lobby’ is actually composed of every day citizens, just like you and me.

The continuous claims that “blood will run in the streets” has not happened in any of the other forty-eight States that have already enacted concealed carry laws. Why does the Illinois General Assembly consider Illinois citizens different from the rest of the country?

President John F. Kennedy, in Profiles in Courage, profiles senators who crossed party lines and/or defied the public opinion of their constituents to do what they felt was right. Our Constitution describes the right to keep and bear arms as a fundamental right and that right has recently been confirmed by the United States Supreme Court. President Kennedy was also a Life member of the National Rifle Association.

I ask you each to examine your conscience concerning this issue. I am asking each of you to decide, not as your party dictates, but on what is right or wrong and what the people of Illinois really want.

I already can legally carry a concealed firearm because of the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act. My Illinois concealed carry permit, authorized by the Illinois General Assembly, states on its’ face, “For those who have served and earned the privilege”.

In my mind, I earned the right bear arms as a result of my American citizenship as did my wife and son and all of the other American citizens living in Illinois. The citizens of Illinois deserve the same right granted to Americans all across the country. The right of self-defense.

There are times in all our lives when we are offered the choice of making a decision based on what is right or wrong, good or bad. This is a time to choose the very hard right and good decision and not the easy bad or wrong decision.


Consumer right to privacy more important than gun owners' rights?

Apparently IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan feels that consumers' privacy rights are worth protecting, even though the privacy of IL gun owners isn't.

She wants to know what Apple and Google are doing with info gathered from personal electronic devices, in the interest of protecting privacy. I'm sorry, but just a short time ago she wanted to release the name of every gun owner in the state......how the hell does this make any sense at all?

Color me baffled.

In other news....

More public support for HB 148!!!

A Chicago Transit Union has the four police organizations in their support of IL citizens' RTC and have published a letter to the GA, which you can see by clicking the PDF link on this page.

Monday, April 18, 2011

More lies....

Looks like the Illinois Council to Prevent Gun Violence has decided to throw out some lies in hopes of influencing the uninformed.

They (ICPGV) have published a couple of fliers asking legislators to oppose HB148 and they are citing the bad numbers from the VPC that I mentioned in a previous post.

Not only that, but they have the audacity to say that the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police oppose HB148.... Funny, I seem to remember the IACOP coming out in FAVOR of HB148. In public. A month ago.

Oh, how about a five page article (dated yesterday) detailing the road to the IACOP coming to support the bill?
Read about it here!

This is just more proof that they'll say anything to get their way, even if it gets defenseless people killed.

If you'd like to see some intelligent folks refute the VPC numbers (and read the tripe that ICPGV is publishing) then point your browser to this thread over at Illinois Carry.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yet another positive take on RTC

I've been exceptionally busy the past couple of weeks and haven't had the opportunity to post, so I hope you'll forgive a short one right off the bat.

I was directed to this article written by a retired Police officer that explains her realization that law abiding citizens carrying firearms in a GOOD thing.

Thanks to Hawk44 over at Illinois Carry for the link.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Daley: Some things never change.

Looks like soon-to-be "former" Mayor Daley has really lost it this time, comparing the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to his vision of law abiding residents carrying concealed weapons.

Apparently Daley isn't keen to the fact that 49 other states do allow their citizens the right to protect themselves. More likely, he just chooses to ignore this and spew his vile opinion in hopes that his subjects don't know the facts.

Well, Mayor Daley, your opinion is just that, yours...and it stinks. I'm sure you'll remember a little Supreme Court decision from last year (McDonald v Chicago) that verifies what most Americans already knew: The Second Amendment is an individual right.

Of course, he may not be of the same opinion if he didn't have a squad of armed guards with him when he walks out his front door each morning.

Anyway, here's one article about the situation, be sure to check out the comments at the bottom of the page.
wbez story

Even more nonsense: WLS Chicago In this one, the Mayor says that concealed weapons will create more problems, just ask any police officer.

Hmm, I guess that's why the Chicago Police Lieutenants Association just published a letter in SUPPORT of HB 148. Clearly, no one from the Mayor's office sent them the memo to quietly fall in line.

(If you're keeping score, that makes 4 major law enforcement groups that support it, see previous posts)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's time...

Time to start warming up the fax machine or computer and put the phone numbers for Reps and Senators on speed dial! Make sure that they know you want RTC in IL, make sure that Senate Pres. Cullerton and Speaker Madigan know as well!

This is on US right now, if you're a "it will never happen" kind of person, then you're right. If YOU don't get up and help out, it won't happen. The time for sitting back and watching is over, get in the game and sweat a little bit.

Find your Legislator's phone and email, simply follow the links below and click on their name. Info for both local offices and Springfield offices pop right up through the wonder of the internet! Since I'm a nice guy today, I'll even hand you the numbers for the Senate Pres. and Speaker!


Senate President Cullerton:
                                           Springfield office (217)782-2728
                                                                        (217)782-3242   FAX

                                           Chicago office      (773)883-0770
                                                                        (312)814-2079   FAX

Speaker Madigan:
                                           Springfield office (217)782-5350
                                                                        (217)524-1794   FAX

                                           Chicago office      (773)581-8000
                                                                        (773)581-9414   FAX

Friday, April 1, 2011

VPC lies....

The Violence Policy Center recently released a "study" claiming that Concealed Carry Permit holders have "murdered" 288 people, including several police officers. The data is being widely refuted as it contains suicides and non-gun incidents, but one case listed in the "study" has been proven to be an outright lie and manipulation of words.

I won't get into it here, as the author of Minneapolis Gun Rights Examiner has the proof in the form of documents scanned from the investigation into this particular case.

Please go check it out and share it with anyone and everyone you know (especially legislators that may be on the fence or against RTC). If they lied about one......

Find the proof here: Brady Campaign joins the VPC in deception