Tuesday, February 4, 2014

YOUR help is needed!

Let me spin you a brief tale...

A young lady of 20 lives by herself somewhere in Illinois and wishes to own a shotgun for home defense, which requires that she apply for a FOID card. However, her parents have both passed away...

This young lady now has a legal problem here in The Land of Lincoln. For anyone under the age of 21, the FOID application requires that a parent also signs the form to "give permission" for the applicant to own a firearm. Without this signature, her permit will be denied.

She can vote (let's hope she does!) and she can enlist in any branch of our military on her 18th birthday, she would be tried as an adult if she were a criminal but she can't get a FOID card. Seem a bit screwed up? Yeah, I think so too.

Other situations can also cause the FOID of a person under age 21 to be revoked...if a parent's FOID is revoked, then a child under 21 can also have their existing FOID revoked due to the actions of the parent. Sins of the father and all that. If that child is considered a legal adult (18 and above) this seems like quite a travesty.

With these and similar situations in mind, HB3762 has been introduced.  This bill would remove the parental consent for a FOID applicant that is 18 years or older (currently 21 as previously discussed).

How can YOU help? Just click on the following links and fill out a Witness slip to show your support of the the bill, these slips are counted during the committee meeting that all bills must go through before reaching the House floor.

Don't know how to fill out a witness slip? No problem! There's also a link below that will lead you directly to instructions for doing so.

Direct link to HB3762 Witness slip.

Link to instructions for filling out a witness slip over at IllinoisCarry.

Hey, while you're at IllinoisCarry.com getting those instructions, stop by the forums, join in the conversation and stay up to date!