Wednesday, March 6, 2013

IGOLD continued/afterthoughts

Just wanted to mention that Todd and Valinda weren't the only folks there speaking today, many others shared personal stories and words of encouragement. Among them were Otis McDonald (McDonald v Chicago) and Mary Shepard (Shepard v Madigan). 

Mary has been unable to attend the last couple of years as her Dr. hadn't released her to travel (at least that is my understanding...someone may correct me on that) and to hear her talk about being beaten and left for dead really struck a chord with everyone in attendance. It really couldn't have happened to a sweeter lady.

Once inside the Capitol I had the opportunity to thank her for standing up and taking her story to the courts, I can't imagine what it must be like to have to relate those events over and over again. While speaking with her I realized just how small of physical stature she is, I'm sure that she looks like an easy target for criminals and is.... as long as she remains unarmed. Being familiar with her story, I know that her attacker was approximately my size (6'2"/250) and standing there with her really illustrated just how much of a physical advantage someone my size would have over her. However, I know she's well trained and, if armed, she'd be a force to be reckoned with.

The media reports of attendees varies wildly, some stating that "hundreds" marched on the Capitol while others put the number between 3000 - 4000. My estimate was closer to  7000, I base this on the capacity of the main hall of PCCC (7700) and the fact that there were people all over the place outside the convention center. To say that it's tough to get an estimate on attendees is an understatement.

Yet again, the Capitol Police were heard to comment that IGOLD attendees are always a pleasure to work with and many look forward to it. Maybe they need to relay that to the "blood in the streets" crowd that wants to take away our firearms.

Sadly I wasn't able to get over to the grip-n-grin afterwards, the head cold that I thought I had shaken came back with a vengeance and I starting feeling pretty miserable while still inside the Capitol. Here's hoping that everyone there had a good time!

Thanks to everyone that puts on and attends IGOLD.... we ARE making a difference.

IGOLD baby!!

I'm live from IGOLD today and it looks to be the largest crowd yet. At least DOUBLE last year!!!!

Todd Vandermyde gave a legislative update that was great and Valinda Rowe is currently on stage. As always, she is a motivating speaker and really touches home with the crowd.

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Monday, March 4, 2013

Location, location, location....

When the word "location" comes up this week, there's only one place YOU need to be:

IGOLD in Springfield, Illinois. 

Yes, YOU do need to be there because last week Speaker Madigan and the machine played games with our rights and it looks like the games are continuing this week. 

Last week it was concealed carry, this week they'll be looking to ban personal defense weapons (or what the media calls "assault weapons"). 

The details on last week are long and maddening, I'll refrain from getting into them here but I will say that we can't turn our attention away from things for even one day. If you'd like to read all about it, head over to for much discussion on events of last week. 

"They" want an extremely restrictive "May Issue" law for concealed carry and use a lot of emotional wording to make that sound like a good thing. Here's a scenario that demonstrates why may issue sucks: 

        Let's say that back in High School I dated the current local Sheriff's sister and he was always very       protective of her and didn't care much for me. Now, I apply for a RTC permit....even though I have no criminal record or any history of mental illness, he chooses to deny me a permit simply based on his dislike for me having dated his sister. Or maybe I didn't donate to the Sheriffs' Association, or maybe he doesn't like the way I mow my lawn.... Seriously, "may issue" laws allow for this ridiculousness. 

We want a "shall issue" bill. This means that as long as you don't have a felony record, no history of mental illness, you currently hold a valid FOID and you have passed required training.... you receive a permit. If you are denied a permit, there MUST be a VALID reason for that denial and it must hold up under scrutiny of the law. Those that don't like shall issue will use emotion to try to convince you that it will result in handing out permits like candy to anyone that wants one, this is simply not the case. 

We also want preemption. Huh? This means that Chicago would have to abide by the same carry law as every other part of the state, we don't want to leave our Chicago citizens out to dry. 

Please call your Reps and Senators folks! Tell them:
NO bad carry bills
NO gun, magazine or ammo bans
NO to the city of Chicago's agenda until they respect the Second Amendment!!!

Also, I want to remind folks that you can watch committee meetings and floor debates LIVE online. It's my opinion that doing so should be required of every citizen, it really shows how inept some of our elected folks are. 

To do so, go to and find the row of wording (in the blue bar) at the top of the page, place your cursor over the word "House" or "Senate" and a menu will drop down. At the bottom of that menu, you'll find a link for audio/video. If there's anything going on live, you'll find the link on the age that opens up....just be sure to have your blood pressure meds handy if you need them. Some of these folks have no business "leading" our state.