Monday, April 18, 2011

More lies....

Looks like the Illinois Council to Prevent Gun Violence has decided to throw out some lies in hopes of influencing the uninformed.

They (ICPGV) have published a couple of fliers asking legislators to oppose HB148 and they are citing the bad numbers from the VPC that I mentioned in a previous post.

Not only that, but they have the audacity to say that the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police oppose HB148.... Funny, I seem to remember the IACOP coming out in FAVOR of HB148. In public. A month ago.

Oh, how about a five page article (dated yesterday) detailing the road to the IACOP coming to support the bill?
Read about it here!

This is just more proof that they'll say anything to get their way, even if it gets defenseless people killed.

If you'd like to see some intelligent folks refute the VPC numbers (and read the tripe that ICPGV is publishing) then point your browser to this thread over at Illinois Carry.

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