Tuesday, April 5, 2011

It's time...

Time to start warming up the fax machine or computer and put the phone numbers for Reps and Senators on speed dial! Make sure that they know you want RTC in IL, make sure that Senate Pres. Cullerton and Speaker Madigan know as well!

This is on US right now, if you're a "it will never happen" kind of person, then you're right. If YOU don't get up and help out, it won't happen. The time for sitting back and watching is over, get in the game and sweat a little bit.

Find your Legislator's phone and email, simply follow the links below and click on their name. Info for both local offices and Springfield offices pop right up through the wonder of the internet! Since I'm a nice guy today, I'll even hand you the numbers for the Senate Pres. and Speaker!


Senate President Cullerton:
                                           Springfield office (217)782-2728
                                                                        (217)782-3242   FAX

                                           Chicago office      (773)883-0770
                                                                        (312)814-2079   FAX

Speaker Madigan:
                                           Springfield office (217)782-5350
                                                                        (217)524-1794   FAX

                                           Chicago office      (773)581-8000
                                                                        (773)581-9414   FAX

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