Friday, December 10, 2010

Support the right to carry firearms in Illinois

Did you know that IL is the ONLY state in the union that does not allow its citizens the ability to carry a firearm for self defense?

This is especially important now that the Supreme Court has ruled that the 2nd Amendment applies to the individual citizen (McDonald v. Chicago). This landmark decision restores firearm ownership rights for the citizens of Chicago and will also force the IL legislature to more carefully consider RTC (right to carry) for law abiding residents of IL.

There are many folks who argue that allowing the carry of a concealed firearm will result in blood running through the streets of our state, which we know is simply not true. None of the other states that allow carry have experienced this at all and most have seen a decrease in violent crime as the criminals are now forced to guess if their intended victims are armed or not.

If you ever travel to Indiana, there is a likelihood that someone else in the store or restaurant with you is legally armed. Current stats indicate that approximately 12% of Indiana citizens have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. I don't recall any news stories that point to bloody gun battles in the Hoosier state recently.

Perhaps you aren't comfortable with the responsibility that comes with carrying a weapon; that's just fine, simply don't do it. But I would ask that you respect the rights of those who do make that choice.

If you'd like to learn more about RTC or owning firearms at all, please check out some of the links below.

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