Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What a (short) strange trip it's been.

Looks like the Chicago Mayoral election is a done deal, with Rahm Emanuel winning with approximately 55% of the vote at last check. He needed 50% +1 in order to avoid an April run off and it looks like he's managed it.

I doubt that this really comes as a surprise to most folks, the media had crowned him some time ago and the public apparently followed right along. I read several "on the street" interviews with Chicago folks, all appeared to be in favor of Rahm, many because...... he knows President Obama.

I'm not sure how knowing the President qualifies one to be the mayor of the 3rd largest city in the nation, but apparently it carries weight with some folks. Personally, I would hope that no one noticed if I knew either of them (I don't, at any rate).

While it's too early to know how his election will affect the state of the 2nd Amendment in Chicago (and possibly the rest of IL), we can confidently say that Rahm is no friend of the 2A. I'm sure state legislators near the city will be clamoring to win his approval and willing to do anything to appease him....which will affect the rest of us.

How can we prevent this? Get on the phone or computer, (politely) call your elected folks and ask them to support and sponsor HB0148 and other Pro 2A legislation. Find out which ones may be on the fence and call them too, even if you don't live in their district....this affects the entire state and they should be reminded!

Call Senate President John Cullerton's office and ask him to support same. (217) 782-2728

All in all, today wasn't a bad one in the IL General Assembly. Six (6) Pro 2A bills passed through the House Ag & Conservation Committee with 13 "yes" and 1 "no" on each. More info and discussion can be found  HERE

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