Wednesday, March 9, 2011

IL HB148, step one: Complete!

For those that may not have heard, Illinois HB148 "Family and Personal Protection Act" (concealed carry) was passed through committee today by a 12 - 2 vote.

Many folks turned out to testify in support of the bill; some were expected but at least one group was a pleasant surprise....the Chicago Police Sergeants' Association has now officially shown their support! 

(Rumor is, Mayor Daley is less than happy about this... He's on his way out so he can be as unhappy as he wants)

This completes the first step in bringing IL into line with the rest of the country and taking our state back from the criminals. Now we must continue to push as this still has to get a full House vote and so forth.

How can you help? Get active and don't just "hope", that's the key! Below are my suggestions of how you can do your part.

Attend IGOLD (Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day) this Thursday, March 10 and let Springfield and the rest of the state hear YOUR voice. Bring a friend or two or twenty. 

Send a quick email or phone call of "THANKS" to the folks on the House Ag. and Conservation Committee that voted "yes" to send the bill on.

Send a polite email or call to the two dissenting votes and encourage them to vote "yes" when it comes to the floor. They need to understand that the PEOPLE want this!
(The "No" votes were from Representatives Flowers and Burke...I will post contact info links below)

Continue to call those legislators that are on the fence or are "no" voters and explain that we want our Constitutional Rights to be recognized. Ask them to support HB148 and co-sponsor it. Lets really burn up the phone lines!

It wouldn't hurt to call and thank the legislators that do support and cosponsor the bill, but no need to really get after them as much as those that might not be in support.

Join the ISRA (Il State Rifle Assn) if you can afford it (we all know that times are tough).

Join the NRA if you can afford it, they have seen fit to put Todd Vandermyde at the pointy end of the spear on this as a full time lobbyist for IL gun owners. Todd does a great job and you can bet he'd appreciate a "thanks" anytime. (You can thank him at the Illinois Carry link below)

Join Illinois Carry and donate if you can afford it. Otherwise, participate in the forums and ask how you can help in any way, someone will gladly show you the ropes.

Contact info for the members of House Ag. and Conservation Committee:

Further info on the IL General Assembly:

Illinois State Rifle Association and more info on IGOLD:

National Rifle Association:

Illinois Carry:

Let's keep the ball rolling!

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