Monday, March 28, 2011

Last gasp?

Well folks, the rumor is that anti-gunner extraordinaire Anita Alvarez (Cook county SA) has a press conference scheduled for tomorrow (Tues. March 29). This woman is a dyed-in-the-wool "true believer" in taking guns out of the hands of everyone in this country and she admits it. She is so rigid in her belief that she openly states that no one, in her opinion, should be allowed to own a firearm for any reason. At least we know where she stands on the issue, I give her credit for saying it out loud. (that's all I'll give her though)

I think we are seeing the last dying breath of the anti-gun movement in IL, they know HB148 is coming for a vote soon and the scheduling of this is no coincidence. I'm sure there will be lots of familiar faces from the "movement" there, but I'm curious to see who attends outside of the usual suspects. Silly tactics to boost the crowd have been used before for such events, even taking kids out of school and bussing them in.

A couple of things rolling around in my head:
1. Why the Cook County SA? What sway does she hold over the entire state and why has she chosen to leap to the forefront?

2. Why does her opinion matter?

My answer: It doesn't.

She took an oath to uphold the Constitution...even if her opinion differs. Both Heller and McDonald say that she should be supporting the 2d Amendment, so this is a good reason to see her booted out of office.

3. Does she really believe what she's saying about guns? See for yourself what she has to say on the subject.

We have a lot of politicians in IL and in D.C. that should remember their oath; it is the Constitution and the will of the People that they represent, not their own agenda/opinion. Right now, the will of the People is RTC and those in office need to make this happen. We're tired of being the only citizens denied the right to armed self defense and we will not forget the results of this battle at the next election.

I'd like to encourage everyone to send Mrs. Alvarez a polite email, reminding her about that oath she took when she was put into office. Hit the contact link at

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