Sunday, March 13, 2011

Momentum...we have some

First, let me apologize for my poor posting during IGOLD.... it was a busy day and mobile blogging is a new world to me anyway, but frankly I was simply overwhelmed during my first IGOLD! So many people to meet and say "Thanks" to and so many others of like mind to chat with. It was an excellent experience and I look forward to next year.

(go to this FB link to see plenty of better pics than mine)

Anyway... news agencies from around the state are reporting that RTC legislation has real legs this year and I have to agree based on speaking with those that are working in Springfield to make this happen.

There were more stories covering IGOLD this year than any time before, always a good sign. Some of the stories were horribly wrong, but at least it got a mention. I won't do their work for them, but at least one news agency mentioned "about 150 attendees"; I'm sure I saw several THOUSAND folks marching along with me in the streets.

Some say that RTC could come from hard work while others are saying that the Chicago Dems simply have to appease downstate legislators after the tax hike and loss of the death penalty.

I say: I don't care how we get it, but it's damned sure time to bring IL in line with the rest of these United States. Why should our wives, sisters and daughters not have the right to protect themselves? Why are our husbands, brothers and sons any less "equal" than those of the other 49?

So yes, we have some momentum, but we also can't afford to lay off of our elected folks on this. Keep calling, writing and emailing those people (always politely) and make sure they know that We, The People want this NOW.

As I mentioned, there are people working for us in Springfield....but they can't do it alone. It's up to each and every one of us to do some work and get this done THIS YEAR.

If you can afford it, toss a few dollars the way of the organizations that are working for you on RTC legislation. ISRA and Illinois Carry being two of them. (links to the right of the page)

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