Monday, July 25, 2011

Illinois Responds

The State of IL AG's office has responded to the Motion for Preliminary Injunction of UUW (Shepard v Madigan) and although I'm nowhere near a lawyer, it looks to be full of holes to me.

Apparently they feel that (among many other things) a currently law abiding citizen can turn into a bloodthirsty killer at any instant. They also claim they aren't infringing rights and therefore don't need to justify the UUW law.

Look folks, there is ZERO legal method of carry in Illinois. Period. My opinion is that if the legislature can't pass a concealed weapons permit system, then the state must allow open carry as a default. We simply must have a way to defend ourselves, the state certainly can't do it for each of us.

As I said, I'm no lawyer and I can't decipher a lot of the lawyer-speak in the response. If you'd like to read the filings you can find them at post # 191 on this thread at Illinois Carry and join the conversation about them there.

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