Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Here we go again...

Looks like Rep. Acevedo (2nd District) wants to put firearm owners on the defensive right out of the gate. He's introduced some new bills aiming to remove firearms from the hands of the law abiding. The links below will open the synopsis of each bill at the ILGA web site.

HB1294 is your basic wide-ranging "assault weapons" has potential to affect semi-auto handguns, so be certain that this affects a LOT of Illinoisans.

The original Federal AWB has been proven to have had ZERO effect on crime, why do they continue to believe this will somehow help things?

HB1599 increases the penalties of any crime if the offender is in possession of a semi-auto firearm...

It never says what "in possession of" means though. Just imagine if the police are called due to a noise problem at your house and you have a semi-auto shotgun in the safe....I'm not saying that this is the intent, but is it possible that this could happen?

HB1855 Authorities may revoke and seize a FOID card if the FOID holder fails to report a lost or stolen firearm within 72 hours of knowledge that it is missing. There is little assumption that any other firearms owned by the FOID holder will be seized as well.

Yet another instance of blaming and punishing the victim. Hey, I'm all about responsible firearms ownership, but punishing me if a criminal busts into my home/safe just isn't a deterrent to theft and other crime. 

The bright-ish side of things: We hope that some legislators will not have a state funded office after the elections this year! Some of the "No" voters on HB148 are being challenged and we wish the new opponents well in those respective races. At least one other "No" voter is retiring and not seeking reelection, so that's something to be happy about.

Court cases asking for injunctions of UUW and AUUW as pertaining to concealed (or ANY) carry are still active and I hope we see some progress very soon. Hopefully these will put some needed pressure on those HB148 "No" voters also.

Since I've mentioned HB148 twice now, let me remind everyone that it is still an active bill! It can be brought up at any time, however I don't expect any movement until after primary elections happen and we see who is willing to change to a "Yes" vote in order to keep their job.

Finally (and not the least of things to be aware of) let's remember to all travel to Springfield on March 7, 2012 for IGOLD! This year Dr. Suzanna Hupp is the special guest. Dr. Hupp was instrumental in getting the TX legislature to pass CCW laws after her parents were killed at the Luby's Cafeteria massacre back in 1991.

For more info on any of these items and some good conversation, please visit both ISRA and

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