Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Just in case you haven't heard.

Chicago has managed to cough up a payment for legal fees resulting from McDonald v Chicago, fees that would have easily been avoided if the city would simply respect the Constitutional Rights of its citizens. 

(If you can't read the check, it's made out to the Second Amendment Foundation in the amount of $399,950.00)

I wonder how the tax payers of Chicago feel about footing the bill for messing with a RIGHT? 

My other burning question is: Where's the check from Oak Park? They were on the losing end of this as well. 

Some Oak Park-ers have made a point out of trying to rid their village of guns and restricting legal gun shops, seems maybe they would think twice when they see the cost of trampling on the Constitution.  Maybe Oak Park has the revenue to allow stupidity like this to continue...if they do, the village must be the only one in IL that has those sorts of funds.

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