Wednesday, March 7, 2012

IGOLD 2012

Another IGOLD has wrapped up and there was a strong turnout in my opinion. I'm only basing that statement on my experience last year, there were clearly more folks at the convention center this morning.

The good folks of the ISRA were there to keep us up to date and guide folks in the right directions. As always, their efforts are much appreciated. Dan Rutherford dropped in to offer encouragement to all as well.

As the morning continued, Dr. Suzanna Hupp (of Texas) shared her story and helped to get the crowd fired up, as did Valinda Rowe and some great ladies from Chicago.

My favorite statement of the entire day came from IllinoisCarry's own Valinda when she told us that the ladies would NOT be stopping by Gov. Quinn's office this year, as he has become irrelevant in the fight for RTC.

Several pro-RTC legislators spoke at the Capital and reassured us that they will continue the push to restore our fundamental right of self defense.

Sadly, I wasn't able to stay for a post-IGOLD grip-n-grin as I have a family member in the hospital with pneumonia. I'm sure all that are able to attend will have an enlightening time.

Hopefully, you were able to get to Springfield today. If not....I hope you'll make it a point next year. If we get RTC this year, we will still be watching our law makers, so plan on being there next time around!

- Posted on the move.

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