Thursday, April 12, 2012

Chicago Murder rate increases 60% in 3 months

How much longer will they continue to deny basic rights in Illinois? Since we KNOW that disarming the law abiding outside the home isn't working, let's try the other option and see what happens.

Yes, some folks will still die, but it will be the thugs who were previously doing all the killing. When a handful go down, it tends to take some of the fire out of the rest of them.

Try this link on for size and check out the last 2 lines in particular. Great to see a news outlet saying this!’s-murder-rate-has-risen-60-in-just-the-last-three-months/

Mayor Emanuel wants folks to stand up to gangs? That's great news! When will he understand that the citizens need tools to do so? He's made the statement, now let's see if he can follow through!

Is it too much to hope that change is in the air?

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