Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Pike County is now Constitutional Carry (?)

If you keep up with IL gun Rights at all, then you've likely heard of an effort in Pike County to get a public vote on concealed carry. It was on the ballot yesterday and passed at ~ 85%, which means.... well, I'm not sure what it means. Read more here.

Please note, the following couple of bits are reliant on a weapons carrier that is not otherwise barred from owning a firearm and is of age, etc.
The Sheriff says he won't be arresting anyone for carrying a weapon and the State's Attorney says he won't be willing to prosecute anyone (provided they were arrested in the first place, possibly they expect the ISP won't be so friendly).

I'm no lawyer, but I'm betting that the IL AG's office is going to have something to say. I'm also betting that it won't be favorable. As far as I'm concerned that office can pound sand, but sadly they are the law.

So that leads to the question of whether Pike can do this or not, it isn't uncommon for Home Rule communities to make state laws tougher (see Chicago's gun laws) but to make the laws lighter is certainly not common and I'm not sure if it's legal.

For the record, I hope it is legal as it's a sharp stick in the eye of the Chicago Machine, I also hope that it finally brings RTC issues in IL into the mainstream. There are so many people out there that still aren't aware that EVERY state but IL has some form of carry for self defense. (That's why I bother with these ramblings, to spread the word)

Some are worried that this will work against efforts for a statewide/pre-emptive RTC law, others are saying that this is the kick in the pants that the legislature needs (particularly those reps in the NE part of the state). I have to admit that I'm still undecided, it is certainly a small victory and sends a message that people do want the legal ability to protect themselves.

Either way, it's bound to be an exciting topic for some time to come. You can check out more opinions and thoughts over at IllinoisCarry.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

IGOLD 2012

Another IGOLD has wrapped up and there was a strong turnout in my opinion. I'm only basing that statement on my experience last year, there were clearly more folks at the convention center this morning.

The good folks of the ISRA were there to keep us up to date and guide folks in the right directions. As always, their efforts are much appreciated. Dan Rutherford dropped in to offer encouragement to all as well.

As the morning continued, Dr. Suzanna Hupp (of Texas) shared her story and helped to get the crowd fired up, as did Valinda Rowe and some great ladies from Chicago.

My favorite statement of the entire day came from IllinoisCarry's own Valinda when she told us that the ladies would NOT be stopping by Gov. Quinn's office this year, as he has become irrelevant in the fight for RTC.

Several pro-RTC legislators spoke at the Capital and reassured us that they will continue the push to restore our fundamental right of self defense.

Sadly, I wasn't able to stay for a post-IGOLD grip-n-grin as I have a family member in the hospital with pneumonia. I'm sure all that are able to attend will have an enlightening time.

Hopefully, you were able to get to Springfield today. If not....I hope you'll make it a point next year. If we get RTC this year, we will still be watching our law makers, so plan on being there next time around!

- Posted on the move.

Monday, March 5, 2012

IGOLD: March 7, 2012 - be there!

Just a quick reminder to everyone that Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day (IGOLD) is nearly upon us. Come march on the IL Capital with us this week and show legislators that self defense is in everyone's best interest.

A new way to contact legislators has come to my attention, thanks to some folks at
Basically, it allows us all to send our opinion of a bill while it's in committee and hopefully get a bad bill stopped there (or push a good bill through, of course). They are called Witness Slips and some excellent directions for filling these out are available here: Call to Action!  (instructions are in the first post)

Sadly, the legislators are apparently not bound to use these for direction. Last week in committee the Executive Committee Chair commented that the slips resembled the Springfield phone book on one anti-gun bill in particular....but the bad bill still sped through the (heavily Chicago based) committee handily. At any rate, it provides a record of IL residents feelings on the bill and might make a legislator think twice before hanging his/her constituents out to dry.

I also wanted to share a link with the random readers here, it's a police officer's blog and he recommends that everyone own and learn to use a weapon for their own defense. He even provides a breakdown of the  process/time involved in a 911 call. I think it's an excellent piece to share with friends that say "Well, I'd just call 911, the police will protect me".
Thoughts from behind the badge

Hope to see you at IGOLD on Wednesday!