Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Seriously. What's wrong with people?

You may have heard that our new Miss U.S.A. is an advocate of self defense.

But what you may not know, is that some folks (idiots) are losing their bloody minds over that statement.
"Feminists" are screaming that a woman shouldn't have to defend herself from rape. Instead, men should learn to not rape......

Do these folks not know that rape is a crime already? Do they really think that if they simply educate the potential rapists that rape is wrong, then the act will just disappear overnight? Are some people really so stupid?

I'd challenge anyone to find an example of an existing, civilized culture in which rape is considered "OK". Here is the U.S. it is certainly a crime and everybody KNOWS that...no amount of education will change the fact that the rapist already KNOWS that what he is doing is wrong. (Of course, we should continue to teach that rape is wrong, I'm not suggesting that we stop...just that those bent on doing rape won't be swayed)

Why would anyone discourage women from learning how to defend themselves? What possible bad result could come from that? An attempted rapist who gets his ass beat or worse? I fail to see the down side of that outcome.

Yes, in a perfect world, women should not have to worry about being raped (or mugged, stabbed, beaten, etc). On this, we can all agree. But here's a clue: We don't live in a perfect world! and until we do (never), then discouraging anyone from learning to defend themselves just perpetuates a nation of victims and empowers the rapist.

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