Saturday, May 14, 2011

Legislators respond, Suits filed and more!

The past week has been especially busy: dealing with the disappointment of HB148 not receiving 71 votes, final exams and everything else.

The week did see a few people get responses from their legislators concerning their "no" vote on HB148. It seems that fear of their constituents having guns continues to plague these folks, perhaps they should practice being more responsible citizens themselves?

One member over at gives his take on what most of these responses boil down to:
Dear so and so, thank you for voicing your concerns with me. Illinoisans, such as yourself, are too stupid to take their responsibilities into their own hands, therefore I will do it for you. I am the ruling class, you are the pee-on class. Please contact me with any further concerns you have so that I can put you back into your place again!
After reading some of the responses the "no" voters sent out, I have to agree that this is exactly what they seem to be saying. I hope to see them voted out in the next election cycle. Especially the ones that had said they would be "yes" votes and then folded on us. (Are you listening Ms. Davis?)

Anyway.... Yesterday we learned that both the NRA and the SAF have filed suit against the state of IL and the total ban on carrying a firearm for defense. All I can say is: OUTSTANDING!

Rep. Phelps warned the legislators that if they didn't pass HB148 they could count on seeing the matter in court at great cost to the state, glad to see that not much time was wasted in making that happen.

I'm not familiar with the plaintiffs named in the SAF suit, but I am familiar with the story of Mary Shepard, the NRA/ISRA plaintiff. Mary and her coworker were attacked in a church, brutally beaten and left for dead. (You can see a video of Mary telling her story in a previous post)

Hats off to Mary and the other plaintiffs, it takes a lot of courage to go forward with something like this and I'm sure it will be painful for Mary to relive her ordeal for the courts to see.

Best of luck to all the plaintiffs, their suits will impact all Illinois residents.

In the meantime, maybe the House can see the writing on the wall and see fit to pass HB148 if Rep. Phelps would like to bring it up again? Sure would save a lot of court costs!

Find more info at the respective links below:
SAF Complaint

NRA/ILA press release

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