Sunday, May 1, 2011

One more PUSH!

Alright folks, the ever popular HB 0148 (Family and Personal Protection Act - AKA Concealed carry)
has a vote deadline of May 6, 2011. The House is recessed until May 3, leaving a total of four (4) days for this to be voted on in the House.

Todd Vandermyde and others have been working tirelessly to rewrite this bill to satisfy some minor concerns with the IL Chiefs of Police and the Universities and he feels that it's ready.

Because the Bill will override Chicago's existing gun laws, it will require a super-majority to pass; this means 71 votes in the House. There are about 40 co-sponsors on board so it definitely has some potential, but we can't lay down and relax just yet.

The Bill has the support and endorsement of four (4) major law enforcement groups and a mass Transit Union in Chicago. I am yet to speak to any officer on the street that does not support this bill....and I have done everything I know to do to get fence-sitters on board, with pretty good results.

We need YOU to pick up the phone tomorrow and call the offices of those Representatives that aren't sponsoring and tell them that you want this Bill to PASS! Let them know that you are tired of being the ONLY state in the Union that doesn't allow its citizens to protect themselves away from their homes.

Here, you can read the Bill, as amended and see the list of sponsors: Link to HB 0148 at
If a person is not listed as a sponsor, call them, fax them, email them! This applies to every one of them, as this affects every one of us.

Here you will find the names of all House Reps., click on their name to get their contact info (call both Springfield and their home offices):

Eat at your desk this week and call during your lunch hour. Email before you leave the house, fax as you can. Just DO SOMETHING!

One day, when your children grow and can legally protect themselves, you can proudly say "I helped make that happen".

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