Tuesday, January 1, 2013

IL Legislators looking to ram gun control thru NOW

I regularly joke about the three people that read this, but today I seriously hope that MANY are reading and I can help get the word out.

NRA-ILA has learned that anti-gun legislators backed by Gov. Quinn intend to introduce legislation on January 2, 2013. The idea is that, with the support of anti-gunners that won't be back after losing elections, they can exploit the lame duck session and pass some very ugly regulations.

The known language attacks public gun ranges and would put them under control of the ISP and also ends any training of non-FOID holders even if properly supervised. So non gun owners that wish to learn more about firearms would be required to first undergo the FOID process just to touch a gun.

The usual magazine capacity and so called "assault weapons" bans are included, as well as a ban on pump action rifles.... No, really. This is said to be the most draconian gun language ever put forth in America and if you think dad's old shotgun that you hunt birds with is safe, think again.

Even though some of this could be found to be unConstitutional, it could also take years for courts to reverse it...and they know this.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE... call your IL legislators tomorrow and call every day after that, tell them that we don't want ANY of these whacko ideas to become law.

(217) 782-4141 is the number to find out who your legislators are (if you don't know)

(217) 782-2000 is the main number for the IL General Assembly

Or you can also go HERE to plug in your address and get the contact info you need.

Also remember that on January 9, 2013 you may get a new legislator based on the last election and redistricting, so check those numbers or the link on the 9th for properly updated info.

As a last word, I'd also like to let you in on their tactics. One thought is that they KNOW this won't fly but it gives them room to back off but still implement lesser controls while looking reasonable. It's like a child asking for a new car but really only wanting a new bicycle...when the kid backs off a bit, the parent doesn't think the new bike seems like such a bad idea.

As always, join the discussion at IllinoisCarry and learn more.

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