Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Concealed Carry NOW!

Well, the bill is now law anyway. I'm certain that the application development and process won't get fast tracked by much, so it'll be well into next year before IL permit #1 is issued.

There are a lot of people that worked very hard to make this happen and deserve thanks. Mary Shepard, Michael Moore (NOT the film guy), Todd Vandermyde, Valinda Rowe, Rep. Brandon Phelps....and many others.

Please remember, it isn't over. The good people of IL will have to stay alert as there will always be attempts to neuter the law in the future. Heck, ICHV is already boo hoo-ing about how the legislature didn't agree with the "common sense" move by the Governor. Actual common sense is a concept they just don't grasp.

It would be wrong if we failed to take a minute to remember those that have gone on because they couldn't protect themselves. Far too many to list.

As always, drop by IllinoisCarry for the latest news on all things 2A in IL.

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