Monday, July 15, 2013

Pure Genius

IL District 28 voters really need to reevaluate things next time 'round as it appears that their Senator Dan Katowski (D) can't even read.

Senator Katowski wants modify the new IL CCW law even before the ink dries. He wants churches, synagogues and other places of worship placed on the gun free zones....

First off, per the law, any place that wishes it can post said property as "no guns allowed" and this holds force of law. See, problem solved without more unwanted and unneeded law (and all those wasted taxpayer dollars).

Second, one of the primary plaintiffs in Moore/Shepard v Madigan was attacked, beaten and left for a church.

Further Sen. Katowski bloviates about AR-15 pistols being carried. Anyone who has even seen an AR-15 pistol wouldn't attempt to carry one concealed. Maybe Andre the Giant could pull it off, but I don't know anyone that could hide a hunk of metal that big.

District 28: Don't you folks deserve better representation?

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