Monday, July 15, 2013

How long will they drag it out?

I know that good folks are working with the ISP to get the required training together for IL concealed carry permits, but I have to believe that the state will try to drag this out well beyond the set dates.

It would be in line with the way the ISP has handled the FOID card for as many years as I can remember. Even though they're required to have a card (or a reason why you won't be receiving said card) in your hand within 30 days, they routinely fail at this. I have heard some people say it has taken them 5 months to receive their FOID.

Instructors still have to be "approved" after ISP decides what the training will consist of. I have to wonder what hoops they'll require jumping through in order to get approved. Will they attempt to skirt the time limits the law gives them, much as they do the FOID?

Don't get me wrong, I think that most of the rank and file ISP officers are in favor of citizens with firearms....but those near the top are steered by Gov. Quinn and we all know what he thinks of the new law.

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