Thursday, September 26, 2013

Some movement...finally

Well it seems that after several weeks of delays, the ISP has finally posted a lot more names on the list of approved IL Concealed Carry Instructors. There's been a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth, lots of finger pointing and general disappointment while waiting. I have no idea if the delay was software related, personnel related or intended by those who continue to accept that IL citizens have had their rights (kinda) recognized. It's a start anyway.

Some folks have also had their names removed from the list. Most notably some trainers that are outside  of IL borders. ISP says this is because their respective states don't report mental health issues to NICS, etc. so hopefully there won't be too much more delay for these folks.

There still aren't any curricula approved, so be wary of anyone who says that they are able to train you as of right now (Sept. 26, 2013). Yes, there are some out there that have been claiming these things already and (allegedly) collecting money for it. I don't have those facts so I won't name names just yet.

At any rate, if you plan to get this training, verify the instructor/business and also the curriculum they're using before handing over any money. ISP says they'll be posting approved curricula numbers soon (Sept. 30 is the target).

It's my hope that many, many people get the initial training and their permits - and then continue to train, it's time to exercise those Rights in IL!

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