Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Citizens of Colorado prevail! Now what?

By now many have heard that Senate President John Morse and Senator Angela Giron have been recalled. 

Good news for the good folks of Colorado and for all of American gun owners in my opinion. But the issue goes well beyond guns really, former Senate President Morse pretty much spit in the face of constituents when he admitted to Rachel Maddow that he told his state Senators to basically ignore them.

It's a real shame that Sen. Evie Hudak didn't join these two on their way out the door. Her comments to a rape victim were so far out of touch I still can't believe she spoke them. It may not be over for Sen. Hudak though, looks like those folks trying to push her out suspended their actions in order to help with the recall of these two.... now that this drive has been successful, Hudak may want to pay very close attention to what she supports.

My hope is that this will serve as a big wake up call to politicos all over our nation. Several Machine Dems in IL could certainly stand to be recalled, maybe (I won't hold my breath) this will open their eyes a bit and realize that folks are watching. If they aren't recalled, there's always the next election to sweat.

Maybe ol' Bloomberg will realize that people don't want his money involved or his opinion forced down their throats either.

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